Monday, April 14, 2014


Friday was the first day my students had a substitute all year.  It was strange not being here.  Since my resident isn't here Fridays, there was no one that the kids were familiar with.  I always feel guilty when I am away from school (even in an unavoidable circumstance).  I left clear notes and materials for the sub (of which I got a compliment on).  The other teachers reported that the students seemed well behaved.  (My true test of behavior is to check with the teacher next door to see if she heard yelling throughout the day. This time she didn't!)  The sub actually looked like she did work with my students.  Even though my students may not have been happy, at least they were behave and got through the work.  Some students may have begged other teachers to join their classes for the day.  My students complained a lot today.  Overall, I think that things went well.

If you need more help creating activities for a substitute, please check out my blog entry on Substitute Folders.

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