Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun New App - Augmenter

I have been fascinated about using augmented reality in my classroom.  In basic terms, augmented reality allows users to view real life elements and break them down.  This has many uses in a classroom.  For example, students that are opposed to dissecting animals can use an augmented reality program instead, allowing students to accomplish the same objectives.

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore and review an app called Augmenter.  Inside, there are many models that can be explored.  These include things like animals, dinosaurs, and fruits.  I had fun playing with the app.  I amused myself by breaking apart a dinosaur, practiced my sign language hand movements, and then looked into my current classroom needs.  We are working on apples this week, and there is an apple model that students can explore.  I am excited to have students explore this later in the week.

To check this app out for yourself, click on a link below.
Apple Users - Augmenter - Apple
Android Users -   Augmenter - Google

                                                           Cover art

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