Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday - Apples, Sight Words, Etc.


I have been super excited for today, apple day!  This is one of the many reasons why I love fall. Happy Five for Friday!  


Sight Word Reveal - I saw a fun way for students to practice their sight words.  The children write their words with a white crayon on white paper and color over them with marker.  They thought we were doing magic.  While working, one of my girls told me "This is the best day ever." She may have said it a few other times this week, but I loved that my lowest groups were so excited to practice their words.


Favorite Quotes of the Week - Kids say the darndest things!  Here are some of my favorites this week.

"I love to get salads from the jewelry store."  It took me awhile to realize she meant Jewel.

"I don't know how you have been teaching so long.  My couldn't do it.  She sometimes can't even stand to be around us (his brothers and sisters)."  

"I am tired, because I had to go to the hospital last night."  I then asked him why.  He responded, "I don't want to tell you...Ok, I ate a dime.  It's in my stomach now." - I teach third grade.  I didn't know how to respond.


Construction Part Who Knows What - I can't believe I am still dealing with construction at school. Below is a pic of my view for part of the day.

Yep, those are two construction workers.  I must say, the view wasn't so bad.  The only downside was the distraction for the kids.


Jury Duty - I just got a summons today for criminal court.  Yuck!  My first thought was, "Why couldn't I have gotten this last school year.  I wouldn't have minded missing a day then."  That's bad, right?


Applesauce - We made crock pot applesauce today.  It was a fun lesson on following directions, sequencing, safety, etc.  I had so much fun.  The expressions on my students faces were priceless!



  1. Kids make us laugh everyday - thanks for sharing the funny things you have this week.Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. Yes they do! My week started off with a boy telling me he called his mom Miss Barker all weekend, because he loves school so much!

  2. Your comment about the view made me smile! I'm not sure if your jury duty comment is bad or not, but I must confess that this year the idea of having to do jury duty isn't as horrible as it would normally be! Have a great Sunday.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Last year I would have jumped at the opportunity to go to jury duty. This year I am not as excited, but I am not devastated either. Have a great week!