Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday


Yippee!  It's Friday!  I thought it would never come.  Happy Five for Friday!  


Center Reading Light - This summer I found a Himalayan Salt lamp for about $10.  For some crazy reason, I really wanted it.  I had no idea what to do with it, so I brought it to school.  For the first couple weeks of school, it just sat on the computer cabinet gathering dust.  When we started guided reading groups, I decided to try turning it to signal to the students that they couldn't ask teacher questions during this time.  It's funny to hear students tell each other that they can't ask me a question because the light is on.  I can really focus on my small groups now.

In the past, I wore a dollar store tiara when it was time for small groups.  Amazingly, that tiara didn't last more than a year.  Deep down I really want another tiara.  I may still get one.  Until then, I guess the light will do.

Scholastic Book Orders - I love Scholastic!  They have books that are cheap for adding to my classroom library.  Last year I was bummed that I didn't get many students ordering.  This year, my students ordered over $80 in books.  I never had a book order that big!  I can't wait to shop for my own books (or should I say classroom books).  I am so close to 3,000 books.  This order may push me over.


Desk Fairy - The Desk Fairy made a visit after school today.  I was amazed that many of the desks were pretty clean.  There are some that should probably be condemned.  Hopefully the owners of those desks will be encouraged to clean their desks out.


Apple Picking - I went apple picking last weekend with my family.  It was fun, especially the shopping in the cute attached store (a nature girl, I am sadly not).  Everyone was super excited to get the apple donuts.  I must say I wasn't too impressed with them.  I personally believe that fruit should not be mixed with donuts.  That needs to be left only to important ingredients like chocolate.

My sister had to really get into the trees to find the right apples!


Mom is Crafty - Last week, I showed the bookshelf that my dad made me.  I have to brag about my mom's creations for me.  (I may be a bit spoiled!)  I love my new decorations!

Pumpkin made with an old book.

I have no clue why this pic is so fuzzy.  These are pencils containers made from medium sized Pringle cans.  The tops look real because they are made from wood, not paper.  These containers hold pencils that my students "buy" with their Gottchas.


  1. I love the pumpkin your mom made! So cute!

  2. I love the lamp idea! I would totally do this. I do understand your yen for another tiara, though. The pumpkin your mom made is terrific!

    1. Thanks. I may still get a tiara. There are always math groups...