Friday, May 15, 2015

Five for Friday - Randomness Galore


Woo-hoo!  It is Friday, my favorite day of the school week!  Happy Five for Friday!  


Donors Choose - I got another project funded!  This is the project that I wrote specifically to meet a grant.  This was a lot of extra work but totally worth it.  My students will be getting lots of craft supplies, a CD player, books, and more.  Check out the resource page for a list of available grants in your state.  Doing this has helped me fund a lot of projects in very little time.


Book Mentors - I heard about this website last month (and actually forgot about it).  Teachers can sign up for specific books they want for their classroom.  It's like Donors Choose but on a smaller scale.  Today I got an email that said that 2 books were purchased for my classroom.  Woo-hoo!  This site is super easy to use.  I love getting things for my classroom!


Judging - I went to the middle school to judge the Career Fair today.  I dreaded going because that building could be scary during the day!  I ran into many of my old students.  I ended up having a few teacher-student conferences with some of my darlings.  We had some great discussions.  I must say how amazed I was that I was able to remember names!   


Stink - Warmer weather brings funky smells.  I don't know what my students are eating, but the smells they leave behind are killer.  My new friend is an air freshener!  It has saved me from gagging many times.  I can't express my appreciation for this wonderful invention.

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A New Book - I got a new book that I love - The Book with No Pictures.  This book, as promised, has no pictures.  It is hilarious (as it should be with the author - B.J. Novak).  I look forward to using it in many lessons (to be determined) next year!

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  1. That book looks interesting! They DO get stinkier in the spring, don't they? I try not to think about it! I've thought about checking out Donor's Choose but have never done it. It would be awfully nice to have a listening center that doesn't require cassette tapes! Thanks for the tips about grants.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Good job getting things for your classroom and students! Trying Donors Choose has been on my list, but it is a very long list... :) Maybe this summer...

    My Rainy Day Creations

  3. Thanks for your comments Cate and Jan. I recommend taking pictures now and try Donors Choose when you have more time. It gets easier the more you do them (isn't that true about anything?). It's a great summer project. Definitely move it to the top of your lists!