Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me

I heard about the teacher that had the students complete their "What I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me..." assignments.  The responses got me wondering what my students would write if given the same assignment.  We talked about how it would be anonymous since no one had to write their names.  I wasn't too surprised by anything the students wrote since most tell me EVERYTHING!

My only surprises were

* A student was in an accident when she was younger.  She had to go to the hospital and still has dreams from it.

* There was another student that had a grandpa that died from a heart attack.  She cried and cried.  She still feels him next to her now.

* The most heartbreaking one was written by a student that was taken away from her mom.  She told of the incident that got her taken away from her mom.  It also included a part where her mom tried choking her dad.  (While she has told me parts of this, I never knew the entire story.)

It's amazing what the kids have to go through.  I was honestly amazed not to hear worse stories.  I have 3 students with parents currently (or formally) in prison.  Other students are in foster care due to horrific events.  I guess it is good that I didn't get anything that surprised me since my students feel comfortable enough to tell me anything (and believe me they do)!

This is definitely an activity that I recommend doing with students.  I think I will try it in the beginning of the year next school year.

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