Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday - Donors Choose, Behavior, and More


This week, even though it was the first week back, actually flew by.  I spent most of my time running around like a crazy woman (although I am usually a crazy woman minus the running around)!  It was strange only teaching (all day) today.  My intern started taking over the whole day this week,  My week was divided into pulling small groups, copying, laminating, having meetings galore, completing make-up PARCC testing for the school (how could it have dragged out unto this week), working on a organizing a shared closet of resources, etc.  At least the week went by quickly.   Happy Five for Friday!  


Donors Choose - I got my boxes from Donors Choose.  It felt like Christmas opening everything up.  I know that I amused our school secretary with my enthusiasm.  What can I say?  At times I am just a big kid.

5 boxes contained these goodies - all money related!


Fun Friday - I am not going to lie.  I totally copped out on this week's Fun Friday.  I knew that I had to do something.  I had leftover cookies that I made for our teacher institute (I bake each month for our teacher pd's).  I passed out the leftovers.  Once again, I am grateful for no allergies or food restrictions for our district.  Then we cracked open all of the new games.  They were as excited as I was to try the new things out.

A favorite activity was the new money game that they could play in groups on the Promethean board.


Displaying Student Work - I don't want to show a close-up picture of my students' faces.  However, in the picture above, you can faintly see my students' pictures next to a piece of their work,  I cut out their pictures around their bodies to make them pop on the board.  I highly recommend doing something similar since Danielson talks about displaying students' work.  My principal rated me very highly in that category.  It was a big plus in my observation last year.


New Behavior Group - I started pulling a new group of students after lunch each day to go through different behaviors.  Our focus in this group is on a different behavior topic.  For example, we have discussed and done activities for self-control, behavior scenarios, and completing good deeds.  The good deeds activity has stuck with this group the most.  I think I must hear 20 times a day or more how something they did or saw someone do was an example of a good deed.  At least,  they understand this concept.  They are going above and beyond in becoming more helpful to others in the class.  


Why do I do this to myself? - As I am writing this, I am listening to music blaring for a teenage birthday.  I find myself working in an office while a group rents a room.  I can't help but think, "Who in their right mind would be here for this?"  Unfortunately, I am not in my right mind.  I get to spend the remainder of my night trying to stay awake (although not difficult when the music is blaring) and dreaming of a day when my salary as a teacher is big enough not to have a part-time job.  I shouldn't complain too much.  At least this one lets me get my own work completed.  Now I should go grade papers...


  1. Beth,
    I love the way you displayed your students' work next to their pictures.