Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Edmodo Buddies

I know that I have written about Edmodo in the past.  I love Edmodo.  Now that we are back from Spring Break and done with PARCC testing (for now), I am excited that we can go back to working with our Edmodo buddies.

Our class has partnered with a high school class.  Each student has a buddy in the other class.  The high school buddies write math questions for my students.  My students answer the questions.  It is up to the high school students to tell them if they are right or wrong.  If the students are wrong. the high school students provide hints and 'teach' a mini lesson.  The only thing I have to do is monitor the questions and responses - making sure everything is appropriate.

We have Skyped with our buddies.  Our plan is to have the high school students visit at the end of the school year for a picnic.  Even if our schools were not nearby, it would be easy to have Edmodo buddies.  The teachers can both be set to teach a class.  Small groups could be made for each of the buddies.  I love technology!

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