Friday, April 24, 2015

Five for Friday


Since it is so late, I am going to keep this short and sweet.  Happy Five for Friday!  


Starbucks - I have to lead this week's five with my trip to Starbucks.  Being a broke teacher, I have made it my special treat at my monthly mentoring meeting.  It helps keep me going!

Only a Venti would do!


License - I renewed my teacher license.  I am now good until 2020!


Autism Awareness Bundles - I purchased these bundles from TPT.  All proceeds benefit Autism Awareness!  Please get yours today.

      ,                                         LITERACY & MATH BUNDLE 1 - Grades 3-5 - Autism Awareness F                   

LITERACY & MATH BUNDLE 2 - Grades 3-5 - Autism Awareness F


Websites - I have been slowly combing through the list of 50+ Best Websites for Teachers.  There are some great ones in here.  I also can't wait until I have more time (what's that) to become better acquainted with some others.


Helper - I found a 7th grader that needs to complete community service for school - Score!  He has been cutting out tons of laminating, punching holes with my three hole punch, and putting folders of work together for me.  I love free labor!


  1. It is awesome when you find a good helper! Whenever I complain about not having enough time my husband suggests grabbing a fifth grader at recess.

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    1. There are so many times I have grabbed an older student during their recess. I have also had students come during breakfast time. Why is there so much work?