Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday


This week was a bit better.  We only had one PARCC test to take.  I am glad it is Friday!  Happy Five for Friday.  


Book Madness!

I was feeling more creative this week (thanks to Pinterest and TPT).  March Madness is in full swing. While I may not be into sports, I am into books.  When I found the pin about this, I knew that I wanted to create this in the hallway.  Sports enthusiasts and book lovers where both in awe of our hallway display (although I am critical of it - I used electrical tape for the brackets and they kept falling.  I would actually use precut black paper and duct tape for the brackets.).

To make this, I picked some of the favorite series my students had been reading in our classroom.  I then made individual signs with the books for the hallway.  I also printed student brackets on Print Your Brackets.  This site let me customize everything.  I also found a posting on TPT that had the mini posters showing the games.

My students were very excited to complete their brackets.  Our first game was an upset - Flat Stanley vs. Who Would Win?  I thought that Who Would Win? would win in a landslide.  It came down to a vote of 12-11 with Flat Stanley on top.  Who would have thought that my students would surprise me so much!


Fun Friday - Our focus was Helen Keller today in honor of Woman's History Month.  One activity we tried was using our sense of smell.  I prepared 4 bags with different items that they had to smell while blindfolded and guess what they were.  Students then wrote down their guesses and took a picture.  I chose a lemon, cinnamon, popcorn, and an orange.  We had popcorn to celebrate our guesses.


With paperwork galore, crazy students, testing, etc., I have needed something that relaxes me.  With that in mind, I binged watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  The show was strange (an understatement).  After a couple of episodes, I really got into it.  I had many great laughs from it.  I highly recommend it if your brain needs a complete break!


I felt the creativity bug at home (once again from Pinterest - While I am feeling creative, I still can't come up with any ideas of my own.) On St. Patrick's Day I made this cute wall decoration.

To make this, I cute out a shamrock shape, glued it on the rainbow, and added different buttons all over.  I found that layering the buttons gave it the best look.  It makes me happy.


I love the 50 degree weather we have been having.  I have been utilizing a walking path almost everyday - it may look a little scary, but it is incredibly peaceful.  I can't wait for the leaves to come back. 


  1. I'm participating in my first march madness basketball bracket and I'm actually doing pretty good. This is surprising since my only other experience is having my students participate in an energy madness integration in my environmental science classes.

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches

    1. I like getting out of my comfort zone to try something new. I hope that your brackets are still going well!

  2. That shamrock is adorable! I need to find the motivation to make cute things like that. :) We've been having decent weather here too. I'm loving it! Hope it continues for you.
    Simple Insights

    1. I hope that your weather is still going well! The motivation comes and goes. It usually strikes at the weirdest moments. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I would be lost without it!

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    1. Thanks Melanie! I love your blog too. I sent my donation in. Good luck raising money!