Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday - TGIF


Forgive me, but I have no cute pictures or spectacular new ideas to add for Five for Friday.  All my creativity has been sucked out due to PARCC Testing.  At least it is Friday - TGIF!


We took the first two sessions of the ELA PARCC this week.  My class were the guinea pigs for the school - we had the first test at 8:45 Monday morning.  I got a major workout running from computer to computer fixing all the tech issues.  I even felt bad for the tech guys that were being yelled at by my principal.  At least the problems got worked out so by the time we had the second test on Thursday, everything worked smoothly.


Saint Patrick's Day Fun Friday - We made shamrock shakes using leftover milk cartons from breakfast and pistachio pudding mix.  Students got to shake the cartons until the milk turned nice and green.  The shakes did not taste that great but the students enjoyed them.  Other activities, included Leprechaun Says (Simon Says), went on a treasure hunt look for 'gold coins' (chocolate covered coins), and had the Promethean board going with St. Patrick's Day Games.


A great idea from a coworker - Instead of labeling groups with numbers, label them with colleges. This is a fun way to get students to think about their future.  I wish we could spend time in other classrooms; there are great ideas to be had! 


I love the website The Teacher's Guide.  There are so many free materials available on this website.  I use this site all the time.  


I am so excited about the weekend!  The weather is finally wonderful, and I have been able to go outside and walk.  I love this weather!


  1. We started testing this week too! I didn't know if Friday was ever going to get here.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. Are you finding any problems with testing (other than the test itself)? I found that some of my students had answers that were erased when it was a drag and drop question. Hopefully, they all caught it in the review screen.