Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday


Doodle Bugs Teaching offers a Weekly Linky Party for bloggers full of 5 things - random or not. Here goes my totally random list!


Fun Friday - Today's theme was Dr. Seuss.  We made Oobleck.  Students mix cornstarch and water to form the Oobleck.  It makes a mess but students enjoyed making it.

We also made "green eggs and ham."  Pretzels were the ham, vanilla frosting was the egg yolk, and a green m&m's were the egg yolk.  Yum!

Finally, students went to Seussville.  There are tons of games and activities for kids to try.  I must admit, the site is a bit overwhelming.  There is too much going on for my liking, but I knew the students would have fun on it.


Test Prep - We start the PARCC test Monday.  To prepare, I read Oh, The Place You'll Go.  We compared the story with testing.  I was made that even my lowest students were able to understand the analogy.

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Close Reading - I am realizing that I have a slight food obsession in school.  We used Oreos for a lesson about lesson on Close Reading,  I get this activity from We Are Teachers.  I modified it slightly.

First, we divided a paper into two parts.  Next, students quickly ate 1 Oreo.  Then they wrote words to describe the cookie.  Students looked carefully at another Oreo.  The students then wrote about the Oreos again.

The difference in material shocked me.  Most of the descriptions in the "first read" were 1 or 2 word responses.  The "second read" had students creating descriptive phrases.  Hopefully students understood the lesson.

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My worst behaved student from the beginning of the year was our Student of the Month this month.  The difference in his behavior has been incredible.  Other teachers were shocked when they heard his name knowing how he was only a few short months ago.  I wish the majority of my students could make this drastic of a change (for the good)!


Since we are testing Monday, my weekend is going to be devoted to preparing for the test.  I can't wait for the fun to start!  Have a great weekend!