Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Synonym Cinnamon Rolls

Synonym Cinnamon Rolls - Try saying that 5 times fast.  I found this great pin and tried it on Friday.

Here's what you do:
1.  Give every student a sheet of brown construction paper.
2,  Students draw a spiral on the paper.
3.  Students choose a word and write as many synonyms as they can think of around the spiral.  This makes a great mini lesson on how to use a thesaurus.
4.  Let students "frost" their synonym cinnamon rolls.  I put a picture of the one I made as a sample - minus the glitter frosting. After having my students complete theirs, I could no longer read any synonyms.  They were a little bit glitter happy.
*Alternate Idea - Instead of filling the cinnamon roll with one synonym, students could write pairs of synonyms throughout the cinnamon roll.

I used this as my Fun Friday activity.  To make it more fun, students then got to decorate their own real cinnamon rolls and eat them.  They had such a great time with this activity!

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