Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fun Fridays

I have missed doing fun, educational activities with my students.  Now we are in the period of drill and test practice.  To combat this, I have started Fun Fridays.

Fun Fridays are earned when students stay on a "good" color for the week.  If they are on green or yellow (our warning color), then students can participate on Friday.  Each week, I will come up with a new activity.  The first week was Marshmallow Towers.  Last week, we made Synonym Cinnamon Rolls.

I must admit, I was really mean and only let 6 students participate our first week.  I told the students that they are third graders going to be fourth graders and needed to act like it.  Therefore, I was really tough on flipping the cards.  The activity was a huge incentive.  For our second week, 13 students were able to participate.  Students are already excited about next Friday.  I am still working out the details but I know it is going to be snow related.  Whatever, the activity is, it will be educational (although the students just think it's fun).

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