Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Fun Friday

I am so glad this week is over.  It was a nightmare!  First of all, we had our district testing begin. This threw off our schedule but that was okay.  I can deal with it,  The part I couldn't deal with was the evacuation from the building on Thursday due to a water main break.  Four hours stuck in a gym with a school of students in our sister school was torture.  We still had tutoring after school in that building for an hour and a half.  I thought the day would never end!

With that in mind, I was able to have 11 students join Fun Friday.  I was actually surprised at how many were able to attend.  This week our theme was winter.  I meant to start out the festivities with a snowball fight found here but totally forgot with all the excitement of the week (since I was going to make something that I did not have to pay for).  Instead we made the Help, I'm Trapped in a Snow Globe craft/writing activity found here.  My students have discovered a love of glitter.  This is all it takes to make them happy.  I even wanted to make "snow" with baking soda and shaving cream but forgot the shaving cream at home.  I can't get over how unorganized I was.  Those that finished their snow globes project played some games I got of off Donors Choose.  They were super happy!

Speaking of Donors Choose, I got my project funded!  Between that and my best friend getting us New Kids on the Block tickets (proud of the fact that I still go to their concert!), there were some great things that happened this week,

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