Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowman Vocabulary

I must admit that I stole this idea from a teacher of a boy that I tutor - he had to create a snowman for homework.  That said, here is a fun winter activity.

I love the  mustache on this snowman!

How To:
1.  Build a snowman out of construction paper.  I gave my students a lot of creativity in this.  Some chose to draw a snowman while some cut out the snowman.  
2.  Students write the word on the hat, the definition in the middle, and use the word in a sentence on the bottom of the snowman.
3.  Add fun accessories to personalize the snowman.
4.  Have students present their snowman to the class.  This allows the students to learn the vocabulary of all of the snowmen.

We made these on our "Fun Friday."  This, along with the Marshmallow Towers, was a huge hit.  The behavior was already improving today because all of the students want to be able to participate this week.

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