Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dealing With a Million Questions

Some students have been grating on my nerves lately.  These students are the ones that are quick to ask a million questions about work that they have never read.  I am more than happy to help answer questions...as long as the students make some effort to participate.  There are 3 girls in particular that are the worst offenders this year.  Today I pulled them aside and gave them 5 counters.  I told them how smart and capable they are and the chips were there to make them think through whether or not they truly needed help.  I am starting them off with 5 chips for the morning and 5 for the afternoon. Two of the girls took to this idea very quickly.  They never got through the 5 chips.  This in itself was a miracle because one of the girls asked me over 10 questions in the time it took the rest of the class to put the book bags away.  The last girl had a few more problems adjusting.  She was ready to ask all of her questions within 5 minutes of getting them.  With her, each time she tried to ask a question, I asked her if it was worth losing a chip.  This was rarely the case.  She really just wanted the attention.

This strategy is one that I have found very effective in the past.  I have not needed it for  a few years. Hopefully, this will make a difference for these three girls.  If anything, I will at least gain some sanity again.

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