Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today I have been trying to meet all of my deadlines - getting my Thank You Packages (3 of them) finalized for Donors Choose and putting in all of my continuing education credits on the licensing website.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to complete these activities.  My Thank You Packages are due today.  December 1st is the deadline in putting in all of my old continuing education credits.  The new requirements have you put them in within 60 days of receiving them.  I hate putting them in but after today I am to date.  Technically, I didn't have to put them all in.  I only needed 80 hours but ended up with 270!  I think I have enough to renew next year!  If you didn't get your hours in and you live in Illinois, please do so ASAP!

Now for those of you bargain shopping, tomorrow starts the Teachers Pay Teachers sale!  Check out my store here for my sale!

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