Thursday, October 30, 2014

12 Powerful Words by Larry Bell

I was lucky enough to attend an amazing presentation by Larry Bell.  He was a phenomenal speaker that focused on a couple of different topics.  One topic was his 12 Powerful Words.  These words are ones, that if taught with fidelity, will help students improve test scores.  These words are common ones that are taught on a regular basis (like compare).  He encourages spending 6 minutes a day going through these words so students become experts.  I found some great videos on YouTube that have students singing the songs and acting them out.  Click here for one video.  If you want to know more about Larry Bell, check out his website here.  Just watch him for a little while.  He is very entertaining!  I wish that I could be more specific about what he presents, but I do not want to infringe on his copyright.

My plan is to teach my students the song.  I want us to play it each day.  Each week, I want to focus on a different word and really make sure that students understand that one.  We will complete different activities related to that word.  For example, one activity is that I want my students to illustrate the word like in the video.  I am very excited to implement this in my classroom.

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