Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Busy as a Bee

My classroom is definitely coming along. (I promise to post pictures.)  In the meantime, I have been spending my spare time working on new labels for my library books.  I found nice label holders on Really Good Stuff. They make my library bins look nice and uniform.  I still want to get bins that are all the same, but I have way too many categories of books and too small of a bank account!

My new book labels - a super small portion of them!

I met my new resident.  He (yes he) seems like he will be great.  I look forward to watching him develop into an awesome teacher.  I also was asked to teach the new teachers in our district how to use our computer system - all day tomorrow.  I have to finish preparing for that.  I also need to clean the carpets for my reading area.  Instead, I divided a huge bag of crayons by color.  It seems that there are tons of activities in which students need particular colors.  I placed the corresponding color under each set of crayons.  What other useless task can I work on now?

Dividing my crayons by color so that they are available as needed.

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