Saturday, August 9, 2014

Individual Reading Bins

I have spent way more than I wanted to already this year.  Yet, I still wanted individual reading bins for each student.  The cheapest I have found was about $100 for a classroom set.  This was pretty cheap compared to other places but still way more than I want to spend this year.  Yesterday, I went to IKEA and found packages of 5 of those pictured below for $1.49.  I easily got my whole class a set for under $10.  I figure that these won't last a whole school year but I am ok with that.  I will get a set of plastic bins next year (unless this year is a big hit).

As a bonus, I decided that since they are stark white, I will have my students decorate them with markers, crayons, and stickers.  I figure this will give the students ownership in their bins.  They can keep them at the end of the year.  I hope that personalizing these boxes will help get the students excited about reading.

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