Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exercise in the Classroom

A lot of my students are out of shape.  They would complain anytime they would have to exert themselves a little bit.  It doesn't help that they only get gym 1 day a week and most students do not get to run around after school.  For me the final straw was when my students would huff and puff just walking up the stairs to our classroom on the second floor. 

I found a great website that helps with getting the kids moving. is a free website that teachers can sign up for.  The episodes last about 30 minutes.  Each adventure takes the kids somewhere new (like Ancient Greece or into the Mayan Civilization).  I like it because there is a great educational component.  The students learn some great new facts along the way.  My favorite thing about doing this each week is the comments I hear from my students.  My favorite comment was one girl upon getting to the top of the stairs.  She said, "I'm not huffing and puffing anymore thanks to you, Miss Barker!"

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