Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dollar Store Deals

The end of the school year continues to keep me as busy as ever!  Hopefully, I will get back to my normal routine soon. 

I have been frequenting the various dollar stores around me.  Some of my amazing finds:

1.  Baseball bases - perfect for my last day of school baseball themed activity
2.  Primary paper - Even though I teach third grade, I have some students that need this.  Of course, my district does not provide this, so I am excited with this deal!
3.  Seeds - They were 4 for $1.  I am using this in for my science base on the last day of school.
4.  Classroom set of books - $5 (I know not a dollar but still a good deal.)  These came with stickers as well.  I used them for my poetry book project last month.  I got more for next year.
5.  Cute decorative items - I will use them as my book labels next year.

I went in for seeds and came out $30 poorer, but it was worth it!

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