Friday, May 10, 2013


When I first started teaching, I had the worst class ever.  I tried one thing after another until I was able to find something that worked in controlling their behavior.  I finally went with a color chart to have a visual reminder in keeping their behavior in check.  I have 5 colors (although after Spring Break, I go down to 4 colors to "prepare students for next year").  I flip the students each time they are not following the classroom rules.  I also believe in flipping students back the good way if they show improvement in their behavior.  This chart has worked well for me for 7 years. 


  1. Hello!
    I have a question about allowing kids to flip back 'up' as behavior improves. I have had students who abuse this system: acting however they want in the morning but correcting themselves in the afternoon. Have you had students do things like that before? How do you deal with that?

    1. I handle this a couple of different ways:

      I may not flip back up as quickly as usual (that way those students have a consequence).
      I would definitely talk with those students that are causing those issues (problems at home may be the issue).
      I have behavior charts for those that need additional help controlling their behavior.
      Some students may also need a morning check-in with a trusted adult. Is there another teacher or social worker they can do a quick check-in with?

      Hopefully this helps!