Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baseball Last Day of School

10 days left of school!  I am ready for the last day.  I am thinking of how I want to handle the last day (forget about the other 9 days).  I decided that I am going to do a baseball theme.  I am going to set up "bases" around the classroom.  At each base I will have different take home activities for the kids.  At first base, I will have a science theme.  Students will get a packet of science activities for summer along with a pack of seeds to plant.  At second base, there will be a math theme.  There will be a math review packet and a cute pencil/eraser set.  Third base will have a reading theme.  Students will get a reading list and activities along with a book to read over summer.  When they come to home plate, I will have juice and donuts.  I am still playing around with the ideas for other activities that can be completed.  I just thought this is something different but fun.

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