Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Apple Experiment

I had seen a fun but gross science experiment on Pinterest that I knew my students would love.  I saw it a couple of months ago but wanted to do it with this group of students.  It would be better to do in the fall.

Experiment directions - Take an apple and cut it into at least 2 slices.  I cut it in half.  Put one half completely untouched in a see through jar.  Use the other slice and pass it around the classroom and have everyone touch it.  It was recommended to pass it after recess.  My class didn't need to wait.  Their hands are constantly dirty!  Place that apple in another jar.  I gave my students an observation graphic organizer.  We are still in the process of observing it, but since Friday, the touched apple has started to turn moldy.  It is so gross!  My students have been very creative in coming up with adjectives to describe it.  When I do this next school year, I would start the experiment on a
Monday in order to see how quickly the apple begins to change.  We'll see how it looks by the end of the week!

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