Friday, April 26, 2013

Positive Notes

Going along with having notes ready to give students, I will also write positive notes for students.  I only do this once (maybe twice a year), because it is time consuming.  A positive note tells what I like about the student (I know this is really hard for some children).  It doesn't have to be really long.  I like to write it on cute paper (which also helps limit the size of the note).  I will stick it on the child's desk, so they can see it in the morning.  I don't say anything about it.  Sometimes the student will say something.  Most of the time, they don't.  However, I found that doing the notes helps improve the behavior of the students.  These notes do not need to all be given the same day to all students, but if you do it for one, all students need to get one.  They do talk to each other, so no one wants to be left off.  Now, I really need to write mine for this year!

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