Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Crown

I have to admit that I saw a post of a teacher that wears a crown when working in small groups for reading as a visual to students not to disturb the group.  I decided to try this, mostly because I wanted to wear a crown!  I went to the dollar store and splurged on a fancy $1 crown.  I can't believe how well the visual worked.  The students stopped coming up to me during group time.  Other students would tell would be interrupters, "You can't talk to Miss Barker.  She's wearing her crown."

I have cut down on how often I wear the crown.  It's not necessary anymore.  Still, on days like today, I will have a student get the crown and put it on me.  They love when I am the queen!  I also love to see the expression on my principal's face when he walks in and I am wearing a crown!

                                                                 My Special Crown!

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