Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monthly Books

I explained how I use a classroom library.  Next, I have monthly books.  I have a book rack (I got from a store that was closing) that I display books I pull for each month.  I figure out the themes for the month and rotate the books that are on there.  For example, February has books for Black History Month, Dental Health Month, Valentine's Day, and President's Day.  I like being able to change the books out and have something fresh for each month.  These books are in class books.  Students are not able to take them home. 

The only bad part of this is putting them away when the month is over.  I have a nice spot with bins for each month to keep all the books.  Too bad this space is blocked.  Maybe that's a big reason my garage is a mess!  I have boxes of books all over the garage that should go in the bins.  At least now that I am cleaning the garage, I realized I never labeled them with AR or my name.  Some books also needed some tender loving care.  I guess that's why I never get much done.  I get too distracted by other things, much like this post today!

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