Sunday, April 7, 2013

School Life After Spring Break

I don't know how it is for your students, but in every class I have ever had, the time after Spring Break is crazy. The students get Summer Fever.  They have completed most of the school year, so they think they are big shots.  Students get meaner to each other.  It's a rough time for teachers (especially with no more days off until Memorial Day)!

To combat this, I get strict after break.  I tell my students that they are almost Fourth Graders.  Because of this, I need to treat them like that.  I have to make sure the Fourth Grade teachers know they are ready to move on.  Here are some things I do to keep them on track.

1.  We review the classroom rules.  I have students create the rules they think we should have (I of course guide them with the rules I want).  I write out the new rules with them. 

2.  I currently use a color chart for behavior.  It is has 5 colors...until they return.  Then, there are only 4 colors.  I make sure they know that they won't have as many chances in Fourth Grade.

3.  We rehearse procedures to make sure they remember how to do them. 

Basically, I treat this time like the beginning of the school year.  Their attitudes tend to make them like brand new students, so I guess that is appropriate!

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