Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Next week, I am planning on having a Read-a-thon with my students.  We have been talking about it all week.  My students have been getting excited but have asked if we will have a day where we could do math all day.  Today was that day - Mathapalooza!

Here are some of the highlights of our day.

Beat the Teacher Timed Tests - Throughout the day I would tell my students it was timed test time. Each time they would cheer, because I would race them on their facts.  Anyone who beat me won an eraser from my new toy - my gumball machine.

Mini Gumball Machine

I found this at the Dollar Store and filled it with mini erasers.  It's a little tough with to get the erasers out, but I love it!

Brain Breaks - We got up and moved around with some multiplication power points.  Click here to get your own for free.

Outdoors Math Scoot - I had each student write a math question on anything they learned this year. They had to be able to answer it too!  As they finished, I checked their work, gave them a number, and wrote the questions/answers on a master scoot seat.  (I found a free sheet on TPT.)  We then went to the playground and my students wrote their questions and number in chalk. Once they wrote their questions, they got their own scoot sheet and answered all the questions.

My students have already asked if we can do this tomorrow!
TIP - Use giant outdoor chalk instead of classroom chalk.

Partner Math Game Review - I divided my students into partners and gave them math flash cards and generic game board.  They used dice and game pieces to play their games.

Generic Game Boards

Today was a huge success!  I had one boy repeatedly ask my to pinch him because he wanted to make sure he wasn't dreaming.  Although tempted, I refrained!  Now, I really can't wait for the Read-a-thon!

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