Friday, May 27, 2016

Five for Friday: Math, Donors Choose, Storage, and More


Today will be interesting.  It's our - student - teacher for the day.  This is the reward our prinicpal came up with to get students to try their best on the PARCC test.  I can't wait to see what she has in store.  Happy Five for Friday!


Mathapalooza - I mentioned earlier this week having a Mathapalooza with my students.  It was amazing!  Click here to read about our day and get some freebies as well!

Here's a sneak peek...


The Heat is On - This week was HOT!  My air conditioner at school is broken and we are on the second floor.  Every step up the stairs is miserable.

This was the thermometer in our classroom at the start of the day on Wednesday.  I never think of looking at the end of the day.  It would be too depressing!


Guided Reading Containers - I showed off the seats my dad made for my guided reading table.  I am finally using them for storage.

I figured since they are for guided reading, I should just store anything and everything I may need for groups.  So far, I have a dictionary, dry erase board, and a supplies kit in each one.

My supplies kits contain 2 dry erase makers, a highlighter, eraser for the dry erase board, mechanical pencil, post-it notes, index cards with highlighting tape (reusable this way), Wiki-stix, scissors, and a Popsicle stick with a googly eye on top.  I will put a glue stick in when we get back.  This should make life much easier when having groups!


Donors Choose Tip - I just posted a new project!  I am definitely in the mindset for next school year since this is the focus of my project.  Click here to check out my project.

On to the tip.  My project is already funded half-way because of Partner Funding Opportunities. When you get on this page, you click on your state.  They will let you know what opportunities are in your area.  If you word your project based on these, you may qualify for some or all of your funding.
I always check this before adding a new project.  Because of this, many of my projects have been funded!  For the project I created, all I need was to add a certain phrase to my essay.  I didn't change any of the materials I need/want.  You will be amazed how much this helps!


Reilly Visited - My old student, Reilly, came back for another visit.  He brought pizza for my students and played games with them on the playground.  The kids loved having him there!  

This summer he is planning on writing another children's book and is looking to me for ideas.  I need help!  Anyone have any great ideas for a children's book?

This is his book he wrote.  Check it out!  


  1. I had no idea about the Partner Funding Opportunities on Donors Choose. What a great idea! I'll look into it for my next project. Thanks for the info!

    1. You are welcome! Good luck getting funding!

  2. Our air has been breaking a lot this year,'s the worst! How cool that your student has published a book!

    1. I am so proud of him! I also love that his goal in life is to become a motivational speaker. He is doing incredible things with his life and is only 20!

  3. Here in Connecticut, we have no AC. Fortunately it doesn't usually get super hot until the very end. It's usually hot the first week or two of school, too. I used to have an upstairs room, and I could feel the temperature rising each time I stepped up! Now I'm downstairs which helps tremendously! Hope your AC is fixed soon!!!!
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