Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Thing to Save Your Sanity

This year, I made one gigantic change to make my year run more smoothly...I leave early on Tuesdays!

When I first started teaching, I thought that the more time I spent on school work, the more productive I would be.  The opposite is true.  I became overwhelmed.  There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I would like to get done at school (or home for that matter).  I never had any free time.  It was a constant state of stress.

This year, I decided Tuesdays (totally random pick) would be my day to leave as soon as possible. That means I need to be out the door by 3.  That gives me a 15 minute cushion of time to get anything done once door duty ends.  I was still able to get a lot of grading, putting grades into the computer, and classroom cleaning done, because I had motivation.

Tonight was so freeing.  I ran errands, went on a nice 3 mile walk, got some cleaning done, cooked dinner, made cookies (to keep the teachers fed during our inservice tomorrow), and read my book.  I am so relaxed!

Take a day for yourself!  You can thank me later!

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