Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday


Happy Five for Friday!  While it was a short week, we did a lot.  We learned a lot of new skills and reviewed a lot of old ones.


Guest Speaker - I was so proud to have my former student, Reilly, come and speak to the entire school this week!  He is only 20, but already he is an author and motivational speaker.  The students were so excited to see him.  For my students, this was his second time visiting them.  When they are acting up, we always ask them, "What would Reilly say if he knew you were doing this?"

Reilly is reading his book, The Best in Me.


Am I promoting Reilly's book?  YES!  I am proud to do it!  It promotes such a good message for kids.


Pot of Gold - We planted our seeds today.  I was thinking that I may plant marigolds in the future. This way 'gold' appears when it is growing.  This year, we planted greenery, and I will place 'gold coins' in on St. Patrick's Day.  (See last week;s Five for Friday post for more information on these.)


Cat Interrupted - I had to take a teaching break to share 2 of my fur babies.  (Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.)  Lemur (the white one) is getting along with Missy (the black one).  This is a rare pic of them getting along,

Lemur and Missy (short for Mischief)


Donors Choose - If you have a Donors Choose project going right now, check out the matching donations.  It can help you fund your project faster.I was able to get my project funded today!


Symmetry - We are reviewing a lot of different skills in math.  One such skill is symmetry.  I gave my students ocean animals that they had to complete.  They then had to write a sentence about their picture.  My favorite one is below!

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