Friday, January 8, 2016

Five for Friday


Happy New Year and Happy Five for Friday!  Although I loved being on break. I really enjoyed my week back!  My students must have really needed the break too.  Now they are more focused, completing all their work, and having great behavior.  I will enjoy this while it lasts!


Read - I love my new piece of classroom decor that my mom created!


Dancing Raisins - We did a quick raisin science experiment to go along with our reading story - How Do You Raise a Raisin?

Dancing Raisins - Put raisins in 7-Up or Sprite and watch them 'dance' in the cup.  The kids were mesmerized by this.


Pine Cone Bird Feeders - We also started a unit on migration.  To help the birds on the journey south, we made bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on pine cones and rolling them in bird seed.  I tied a piece of yarn onto each one, so they can hang them on a tree at home.  All of my students were excited to do this except one.  He wanted to know when he could eat his.  It was difficult to keep a straight face when I told him it was bird food, not people food!


Remind - I have gotten hooked on using Remind for my classroom.  This lets me text parents their homework assignments without ever giving out my cell phone number.  My only problem with Remind is remembering to use it!  I think that I solved this problem by putting a daily reminder on my phone.  


10,000 Steps - My goal this month is to walk at least 10,000 steps everyday this month.  I have done it - greatly surpassing my goal.  I found out that Fitbit lets you setup challenges with friends.  My best friend just a got a Fitbit, so we set up a challenge one day.  Let's just say we are competitive.  I can brag and say that I won!  I must admit that it practically killed me!  Over 16,000 steps on a long school day with tutoring after.  Yuck!  At least, I have a good start to the year!


  1. I love Remind! I just found out that you can schedule your posts! I used it to issue Winter Break Reading Challenges every day. The kids could message me back with photos of them completing each challenge. It was so awesome!

    1. Great idea on using Remind for the Winter Break Reading Challenge! Thanks for sharing!