Friday, October 23, 2015

Five for Friday


This week was an interesting one with a half-day, new student, bus evacuation drill, picture day, etc. I hate when our schedule is disrupted.  My students get really loopy.  At least it's the weekend. Happy Five for Friday!  


Meet my Possible New Kitten - On Wednesday, I was putting a few things away in my garage when I was surprised by a bold little kitten jumping on the table next to me.  She let me pet and hold her. She didn't have any tags.  I was debating about what to do with her when she started to leave.  Of course, I couldn't let her go.  I went after her and she ran away.  When I decided to give up and go home, she came running after me.  I know she has to belong to someone.  I checked with the police department. I plan on getting her scanned to see if she has a chip.  For now, she is living in luxury in my guest room.  My goal is to get her back home if possible.  If not, my new goal will be to introduce her to my furballs.  There is no way I can bring her to a shelter.  She is too sweet!

I am unwittingly becoming a cat lady (the crazy is implied)!  


New Class Rules - I never thought I would need to make the following rules:
1.  Teachers do not sniff hands.  One boy really wanted us to sniff his hands.  Yuck!
2.  Do not lick someone else's lollipop.  This one came up when a couple students wanted to know if I wanted some of her sucker.  Double yuck!


New Boy - I got a new boy this week bringing my total up to 19 with 13 of them being boys.  At least we have a small number of students.  I haven't had this few students...ever.  I am definitely enjoying it!  We are really able to get a lot more done and work more 1:1 and in small groups.  I must say the new boy makes our worst student seem angelic.  He may make the rest of the year a long one!


Another Episode of Kids Say the Darndest Things - Goosebumps is pretty popular right now because of the movie.  The kids don't realize they are scary.  One girl was so scared,  but she wanted to keep reading.    Her solution?  "I am going to read this with my eyes closed." Hmm....

One boy keeps talking about his new baby sister at home.  Sometimes he accidentally says the baby is his baby.  One time he corrected himself.  "She's not my baby.  You have to be 13 to have a baby."  I told him he needs to be older.  His reply was "Ok.  You have to be 38."  Yep.  That's why I don't have kids.  I am not old enough.


Friday Morning Breakfast - At our school, staff members can sign up for a day to bring breakfast. You sign up for one day, and then you get breakfast the rest of the school year.  Today was my day. I went a bit crazy baking: apple bread, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars, and cinnamon bread.  At least everything was yummy!

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  1. Love the new rules, lol! So many things you never think you have to say!