Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday - A Brand New Classroom - Almost


These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity - getting settled into my class, getting kicked out of my room, and moving back into my class.  I am exhausted!  Oh well, happy Five for Friday!  


Construction - While I was addicted to renovation shows this summer, I wasn't ready for one myself. The past couple of weeks at school have been crazy!  I knew a classroom change was coming, but when it happened, I wasn't ready.

Our first move was anticipated on a Monday but was changed to Thursday the week before.  With less than 2 hours notice, I had to move my students and their materials downstairs to our temporary move.  The only problem was the emergency all school assembly that was scheduled during the time I was told to move my students.

As of today, they finished our windows, sort of. (I was given an hour's notice to move back to my room!)  It turns out that the windows that were ordered didn't fit one section.  I have lovely plywood decorating them.  Oh well, the rest of the windows are gorgeous.  Bye-bye 70's windows!


Classroom Goodies - I am truly lucky to have so many people support my class.  My best friend's parents shop for my students every year.  I also got an awesome gift from Reddit Teacher Exchange. I am especially glad about all the cleaning products!  The amount of dust that needed to be cleaned today was overwhelming.  My co-teacher and I stayed late today trying to clean everything up and putting things back, so we could be ready to go Monday.  The supplies were greatly needed and appreciated!


Donors Choose - My Donors Choose project that was funded last school year was delivered.  We got so many art supplies as well as a Cd player and books.  We have already made use of lots of the supplies for our first STEM project.  

I hope my new project gets funded.  I am hoping to get tablets for my classroom.  There are so many awesome apps that I would love to use!  Only 43 days left for funding!  If you are interested in donating or just want to check out Donors Choose, please click here.



Student Issues - I love my class this year!  They are so much better that last year with behavior. Don't get me wrong, nothing is perfect.  I don't expect it to be.  Here are some of my fun ones this year.
I have a super low group of students- 8 students - reading at a Pre-K and K level.  I have a new student that shuts down completely - staring ahead and refusing to talk when he gets mad.  I have a boy that likes to give himself fake boobs and adjust them.  One boy is a bully at home.  His grandma was crying this morning because she was upset about how mean he is at home.  Apparently he wants her to die during her back surgery next month.  I also have a variety of health concerns among my students.  While our year my have some challenges, we will deal with them.  I look forwarding to overcoming the challenges.  I am pleased with how far we already have come.  This will be a great year!


Car Trouble - My car decided to come close to overheating this week.  Trying to get everything fixed has been stressful.  I am lucky to have my dad acting as my chauffeur and mechanic!  I need my car to last a long time.  I don't want a car payment!


  1. Love all your new goodies!! Congrats on a funded Donor's Choose project!!
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. I have my fair share of challenges this year as well, and I just CRACKED UP at "I have a boy that likes to give himself fake boobs and adjust them." They certainly don't address that in teacher education courses!