Monday, August 3, 2015

Feeling Productive

I have been feeling very productive.  I am in "Getting Ready for School" mode.  I have been busy getting books ready for my classroom library, exploring websites, starting to get birthday treats ready (I will post a pic when they are finally done), and making some file folder games.

I signed up for some great websites.  First I signed up for Bloomz.  This is a great one stop website for your classroom.  I need to do more work on my page.  At least I got through the demo class information.  I also signed up for Epic.  This is an awesome app that allows teacher to have free books in the classroom.  I signed up and read some books.  I loved the selections.

The file folder games I made are really generic game boards.  I can use them for my early finishers.  I just need to give them dice and game pieces.  The questions I give could be as simple as answering sight words or math flash cards.

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