Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fun Friday - Winter Part 2

I didn't have a Fun Friday this week.  In fact, this week, we only had 2 days of school with the kids. The rest of the time, we had an all day institute and a Mid-Winter Break.  I did everything that I planned for the previous Friday and never got around to doing.  This time 15 students got to participate!  This has become a goal for them.

Fun Friday - Winter Part 2 Activities:
1.  Made snow ice cream.  For full directions, click here.   This was also a great mini lesson in measurement.

2.  Played in shaving cream.  I had seen a pin that mixing shaving cream with baking soda would make it more flaky (snow-like).  This became a mini experiment if it would work.  FYI - it doesn't. However, my students still wanted to mix them together.  They had such a good time playing.  You would not know that I have third grade students.  They were as happy as preschoolers with the activity.

Please not that I tried to be good and put down paper to make clean-up easier.  This did not work out well.  There was a lovely hole within 2 minutes of the students getting into playing.

3.  We had an indoor snowball fight.  The students balled up an addition timed test.  We threw them around for a couple of minutes.  Then we each took a paper and had a contest to see who could answer the questions the fastest.

As has become our custom, my students that participated kept saying that it was the best day ever.  It doesn't take much to make them happy!

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