Monday, January 12, 2015

Inferencing and Easy to Make Free Reading Centers

Today was a bit crazy.  First of all, I had to get back in the swing of things after having 3 snow days. Then I get to school only to find out we have a 9:00 assembly about train safety.  Hmmm...time to be flexible!  I totally threw my plans out the window (basically the same ones I planned for last week).  I thought, with a lot less time for reading (I stole our Social Studies time - shhh), I would just focus what time was left in the morning on inferences.  My students have had a lot of trouble with identifying them.

To practice inferences, I use my Scholastic book.  This is great practice - my go to series.  I use this series for main idea, facts/opinions, etc.  The book below is the cover if you are interested.


I then passed out my inference game from fcrr.  If you have not heard of fcrr, you are missing out. Fcrr is the Florida Center for Reading Research.  They have created tons (and I do mean tons) of free reading games/activities that you can use for whole group instruction or as a center.  My plan is to have my students complete the Text Analysis Incredible Inferences game as a center.  If you have not been to the fcrr, please do so.  You're life will be so much better when you do!

My kiddos were really engaged in this activity!

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