Monday, November 10, 2014

Turning Point

I don't want to jinx anything.  However, I feel that my classroom has finally reached a turning point in terms of behavior and attitude.  The past week and a half, I have seen huge improvements.  I started using Class Dojo.  For those that do not know, this is a free website that allows users to create a class.  I can then give students points (or take them away) for different behaviors.  I use an app on my phone to administer the points.  This is linked to the program I have open on my Promethean Board.  It beeps when points are given or taken away.  I can show them the points or keep it hidden. My students really just need to hear the sounds.  The first couple days I used Class Dojo, I was giving points nonstop.  Now, I have been able to gradually get away from using it so much.  Any student with 10 or more points in a day receives a Gottcha (our school's PBIS incentive).

On Friday, we had parent/teacher conferences.  They went surprisingly well.  I only had 6 no shows. I had some parents apologize up front for their child.  I also was thanked by the positive changes in some others.  Having such positive responses has really helped refresh my attitude.

Personally, I finally am sick this year.  Like clockwork, I can count on getting ill in November.  My students kept telling me how my voice kept changing today.  Um yeah, that's what happens when you are losing your voice.  On the positive end, I finally removed and packed away all of my Halloween decorations.  Please do not judge, I have been extremely busy and put up more decorations for one holiday than others put up all year combined.  Time to relax.  I have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day.

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