Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 3 Update

Is it wrong to be thinking ahead to the end of the school year? This is the first year that I really desire the end, and it is only September. This is definitely going to be a long year.

1. One girl had an "inappropriate dream" - her words. I called our amazing social worker who spoke to her. He, however, returned before her telling me she is in the bathroom and refuses to come out. A female teacher that was nearby also had no luck getting her out. Our social worker then watched my class while I talked her out. She did eventually come out and calmed down.
2. On Monday I had to walk my most problem student to the office to call home during the day. His home phone is disconnected this week. Our principal saw and worked with him for an hour before sending him back to class. On Tuesday, I wrote a second referral for this same student. The principal once again intervened. He has decided to make this student his "personal project" this year because he exhibits the most severe behavior in both buildings my principal runs.
3. I came close to beating my head against the wall while teaching rounding. They just weren't getting it. A bigger issue was that they don't pay attention in class. A perfect example of this was when I asked what was when I asked them to round 4,376 to the nearest hundred. Some answers I heard were ones like C and D (the question was not multiple choice). It took everything in my power not to scream like a raving lunatic!
4. My little thief at it again. I lost track of the number of times she took things this week and lied about it. I did have a great talk with her grandma through. We will have an intake meeting on her next week.

1. The same little thief from above also provided a joy when she really understood rounding and was answering question after question correctly. It was incredible! Moments like this is why I became a teacher!
2. Getting Dunkin' Donuts on Friday - yum! It's sad that this is a major highlight!

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