Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Donors Choose

For those that have read anything I write, you know I love Donors Choose! Teachers go on it and create a wish list for their classroom. Right before school started,  I had 3 projects funded in less than a week. The items started flowing in! I received school supplies,  reading and math games, as well as science and Stem activities.

Donors Choose Recommendations
1.  Only have 1 project going at a time - This makes it easier for you to manage and request donations.

2.  Seek out matching donations.  Donors Choose has a variety of matching grants listed by state. This is how I got some projects funded so fast.

3.  Ask family,  friends,  and link your project to Facebook.  The generosity of others always overwhelms me!  I have received donations from Facebook friends - people I never would have asked for a donation from - that saw my post and gave a donation. 

4.  Set automatic settings to always post on Facebook.  I like this one because it is one way to thank people.  It also tells you when a donation has been made.

5.  Use promo codes. The first week you post  a project.  This allows all donations to be doubled.   You will get the promo code once your project is posted. 

6.  Make sure to thank people right away. I like to respond immediately.  You will create a more formal thank you when your project is funded.

7.  Be creative in your title and description.  The most original ones get the most outside donors.

8.  Have fun and enjoy. It is work to set things up but the results are worth it!

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