Friday, September 26, 2014

Difference Between Administrators and Teachers

Yesterday and today I had the opportunity to attend a conference on Educational Leadership. Being a teacher, I was definitely in the minority. Most participants were principals, superintendents and other administrators. After sitting, listening, and participating in the two day sessions, I see that there is a huge difference between administrators and teachers.

Administrators - Think more in theory. They come up with big picture ideas that others need to put into practice.

Teachers - Want practical ideas that can be used right now. Have to implement the big picture ideas!

The big ideas of the conference were social/emotional standards and teacher leadership. I am glad that social/emotional standards are now a priority. Without realizing it, I have been working on them in my classroom. I have been doing this to improve behavior in our class.  Click here for Illinois' Social and Emotional Standards.  Many other states have adopted them as well.  One of my favorite activities to use in the classroom to meet this goal is bucket filling.  This book is awesome to read to students.  I use it to introduce or compliment container.


As for the other part of the conference, teacher I the only one that views this as an excuse to give teachers work that they don't want to do?  Enough about that.  I don't want to say too much.  Time to rest before my all day conference tomorrow. (What was I thinking signing up for a conference on a Saturday after sitting 2 days straight in a different conference?)

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