Monday, July 14, 2014

What Stuck With You Today?

Today's project involves creating a poster to use to check the understanding of my students.  I had seen it on Pinterest and only now got around to making it.  All I did was take a poster and use a die cutter to cut out a bunch of different shapes.  Then I numbered each one.  Each child will have a number.  At the end of the day or some other appointed time, I can ask a question and have students write their answers on post-it notes.  These can then be stuck on the poster.  I saw this labeled "What Stuck With You Today?"  I haven't decided if this will be the label I use.

Alternative Use:  Think Math - Create a poster like the one above.  Write an answer that students need to create a question for.  Example: 3 apples.  Students write any type of word problem or you can dictate a type.  They put their questions on a post-it note and put them on the poster.

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