Monday, April 7, 2014

Great Websites

In case you haven't noticed the Tabs on the top of this page, I have a bunch of links for teachers with different websites to check out.  I have copied a list below for you to check it out.  Make sure to check it often as I will be updating it every couple of weeks.


Classroom Booksource - This is a great way to keep all of your library books in a free database that allows you to complete book check out online.

AR Bookfind - Type in the name of any book to see if it is an AR book.  If it is, it will list the book level, quiz number, and number of points the book is worth.


Math Under the Sea - Students create a fish.  They are then able to go and work on tons of math work!

Tenmarks - Free websites for students to practice their basic math facts.  All you need to do is register and students can get to work.

Multi-Subject Websites

Edmodo - Set up a classroom Facebook like account.  You have full control over everything on this site. You can also create assignments.  It's a great resource.

Mobymax - I love Mobymax.  It tests the students on multiple subjects.  Then, it places the students in a program based on their ability level.  The only downfall to this program is that you have to pay (although they do offer a free trial).

For Teachers Only

Teachers Pay Teachers - This is my go to website for anything.  I love that everything is made by teachers.  They know what students actually need.

Donors Choose - Register to earn free items for your class.  My students are receiving Scholastic News thanks to this site.

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