Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who Would Win?

I love read alouds!  I am book obsessed and have found a set of books that my students love (not entirely new - I got one a few years ago but never knew it was a series).  The series is called Who Would Win.  It is by Jerry Pallotta.  In each book, two animals have a battle to see who would win in a fight - great to grab my boys' attention!  The majority of the book states facts about each animal. There is even an advantage sheet at the end for the students to compare the features of each.  (Although, I am thinking a Venn diagram would be great to have students fill in.)  After stating the facts for each animal, the animals have a fight with the winner being declared.  Students can check to see if their predictions were accurate.

Today we read Lion vs. Tiger.  I had my students make predictions before reading and after reading the facts.  Many changed their predictions once we talked about the facts.  They were definitely engaged during the entire lesson.  I loved how they thought through each fact which brought up a lot of great questions.

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