Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Braille Writing

Today we were supposed to take the ISAT Test but the weather was terrible!  I had 8 students absent.  That obviously changed my morning up.  I had to do something completely different with no time to prep.  Here is what we did.

First, we did a comprehension activity on Helen Keller.  I found a passage on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We discussed her life and how she communicated.  Afterwards, we practiced Sign Language.  We also discussed how she read with Braille.  We then took paper and wrote our names with glue.  My students enjoyed doing this.

Next time, I think that I will use colored glue.  I would also like to have a book with the words written with Braille.  I think this would be more concrete for students to see.  It actually helps to have time to prep!

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