Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Today was a terrible weather day!  I ended up having 8 of my students absent. Because of this, it was hard to decide what to do. I didn't necessarily want to go ahead because my absent students would miss too much.  We did a lot of review and did some great projects. We also flew through things.  It was time for Plan B.

On days like this, I pull out my guilty stash. I have different read aloud books that have a matching movie to go with it. Today we read Ant Bully and then watched the movie. While watching the movie, the students filled out then diagrams to compare and contrast the two. I must say I was really impressed with how much they wrote. They came up with some great ideas. It also made a great lesson on bullying. Who says you can't learn with the movie?

I highly recommend having some books and matching movies on hand for days like today.

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