Saturday, January 11, 2014


I have to admit, I have become a bit obsessed with Scoot.  I hadn't heard about it until earlier in the school year.  It's only been in the past couple of weeks that I even looked into what it really is about.  So, what is Scoot?

Scoot is an activity in which each student gets a numbered grid sheet of paper (with as many grid spaces as there are students in your class).  You then create a question, number it, and place it on each student's desk. Students then "Scoot" around the room and answer each question, placing the answer on the corresponding number on their sheet of paper.

Today I have created about 10 games.  The trouble is, how can I keep them all organized?  Behold, my high tech organization!

All I did was place the cards in a small envelope and label them.  I am keeping these in a basket unless I have a place where I store specific themes (like my holiday binders).  I also have a generic set of answer sheets so I can use a Scoot game whenever I need a filler activity or a review activity.

Eventually I will make some of my own Scoot games.  For now, to satisfy my obsession, I downloaded a lot from Teachers Pay Teachers.  

We already completed one in class, a New Year's Scoot.  My students enjoyed getting up and moving around the room to answer questions.  I can't wait to try more!

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